Saturday, July 17, 2010


At the same afternoon tea I made a stack of pancakes.
Again using the commonsense cookery book, they were great, with a bit of nutella.

Walnut cake

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to host an afternoon tea for my family. I was planning on making a Greek walnut cake but the recipe I had was full of eggs. I was gobsmacked. Not that I have a cholesterol problem so I took the basic cake recipe from the commonsense cookery book and added walnuts and cinnamon, with a dash of baking powder. I topped it with chopped almonds.

As you can see, I added too much baking powder but it was still so good...

mince sauce

There are times when I get organised and cook ahead of time. Now these times can be rare at times, so while working on a new recipe, I threw together a quick mince sauce to be frozen for later.

This recipe is simple:
Chopped onions and crushed garlic are sauteed in some olive oil. Then I added the mince. In this instance it was a blend of pork and beef mince. Then I added in a tin of chopped tomatoes with some chopped fresh tomatoes. To allow the sauce to simmer, I put in 1 cup of chicken stock and pepper. Once the sauce has reduced, it cools and then is put into containers for freezing.