Sunday, April 24, 2011

Souvla - Greek lamb BBQ on the spit.

We won a souvla a couple of months ago so Greek Easter was the perfect time to test it out. DH got advice from the Souvla oracle (DB) and with some lamb loin pieces from Supreme Souvla (Belmore) the result was a success.
Good pieces of meat lined up the fat side next to a meat side along the skewer helps to baste the meat throughout. The coals were lit ahead of time and the meat skewers were added once the coals became grey. You don't want any flames during the cooking process.
We rotated the skewers every 15 minutes so they all browned consistently.

I can still taste it. mmm.


  1. Nice that you won this good pieces of meat! Looks tempting!

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  2. You should see how quickly the meat is eaten when the uncles take charge of the souvla.